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About Us


Experienced and Creative Home Stagers

Established in 2015.

In 2002, I started flipping houses and found out first hand how important home staging was. At first I used professional stagers but as my "hobbie" grew, I was able to stage my own houses. Working closely with an expert in the field and with extensive training through HSR and RESA, I became a professional stager. The realitors I worked with started using me to stage their other listings and I was so busy staging that I converted to doing it full time. When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.


We Pay Close Attention to Detail

The Upstage Team is fresh, enthusiastic and full of energy. We share a passion for home staging, interior design and the Sacramento lifestyle. We are road cyclists, alpine skiers and car enthusiasts. We are innovators, driven to serve our customers, motivated to bring the best of interior design to the business of home staging. We are committed to helping people sell their homes as quickly as possible and for the highest possible price and having a great time in the process. As proud members of RESA and HSR, we are able to stay on top of current trends and fashion homes with the hottest styles available.


Customer Confidence Guaranteed

If you need staging done, this is a no brainer.   Dave is awesome at what he does, is fast, has very fair pricing, and most importantly does a fantastic job.   I received a ton of compliments on the staging and it was very effective in getting a lot of offers ;)    If you are on the fence on staging, its a absolute must, especially with Dave, as soon as he furnished and decorated it was literally a different home.    If your like me and have NO IDEA how to decorate, go with Dave, give him the address and key and he'll do the rest.  Dave is good at what he does and executes very well.  I will be using you again!

Kas F.    Lyon Realty

Thank you David for the professional job

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Upstage Staging Company

3431 33rd Avenue Suite I Sacrameto CA 95824

(916) 879 3322


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